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The final chapter of Game of Thrones has left an end that has not left anyone happy.

If the Three-Eyed Crow can see the future, we can imagine that Bran Stark knew that Aria would kill the King of the Night, Daenerys devastate with King’s Landing and John would kill Daenerys, serving the Iron Throne in tray to Bran.

If Bran has used all the information for his benefit, it makes him the greatest villain of Game of Thrones. And possibly not even Bran Stark, but an independent entity, which is not clear that has good intentions.

However, the end of the series has not been improvised. The season 1 promotional poster shows Ned Stark sitting on the Iron Throne and on his right is the Three Eyed Crow. The end was always there … In view of everyone.

Meme Games of Thrones, the end that does not convince anyone. Thank you for your visit and remember that in memesVIP the sun never sets.